Region of Bilogora-Papuk is an area of balanced economic, social and sustainable development, the modern, technologically developed economies, well educated workforce, active community, with specific natural, historic and cultural resources , region of challenges and opportunities, desirable for living, for work or to visit.

Approved cooperation project BusyBee Workshop

Approved cooperation project BusyBee Workshop

After signing the Project Implementation Agreement in May, Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has approved the cooperation project this week. BusyBee Workshop is a cooperation project among five croatian LAGs: LAG "Papuk", LAG "VINODOL", LAG "Virovitički prsten", LAG "Lika" and the lead partner LAG "Bilogora-Papuk". 

Budget for the BusyBee Workshop amounts to 840.750,00 HRK and with those resources LAGs plan to carry out a number of activities which will contribute to making the LAG rural area recognizable. 

  • production of a map - LAG "Bilogora-Papuk" area - with multiple locations plotted such as cultural and historical localities, important institutions, natural features, rural tourism accommodation and cheese, wine and honey producers
  • production of a catalog - important localities in areas of all five project partners
  • production of a study - Developing a marketing concept for local product positioning
  • production of promotional material for the participants in workshops and conferences
  • on-field study trips in LAG areas, experience sharing workshops with accents on good practices
  • project and rural area promotion in the media
  • educational workshops

The main goal of the project is to achieve competitiveness of rural areas and to make the best use of their advatages, which is the basic premise of LEADER. The specific goal is to stimulate growth and development of agrotourism in LAG areas, promotion of local products as part of the tourist offer and experince sharing among local actions groups focused on making the rural area recognizable.